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In Somepony's Shadow: Dueling Dream
As the dulled eyes of the bored and uninterested crowd stared lazily at her, Trixie found herself starting to sweat. Nervously swallowing in hopes of dampening a dry throat, she glanced over the crowd to see if there was at least somepony who looked entertained. The only signs of movement she saw, however, was a pony in the back stretching as he yawned. All in all, it seemed that she, the Great and Powerful Trixie, was appearing as dull as a rock to this crowd. If there was anything that a showmare found worse than being ignored, it was being considered a bore.
“A-and for her next trick, the Great and Powerful Trixie will…”
“Can we leave now?  This shows a total dud,” a stallion’s voice rang out, followed by the murmurs of assent spreading throughout the crowd around him.
“Trixie is not holding you hostage: you are free to leave whenever you want!” Trixie replied, turning away with a little “humph” in attempt to show that
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In Somepony's Shadow: Breakfast in the Gardens
As the moon shone for its last few seconds before disappearing below the horizon, Celestia steadied herself for the rising of the sun. Focusing on the celestial object, she reached out to it with her magic, her horn’s glow signaling the dawn of a new day. While many ponies believed that after over a thousand years of rising and setting both the moon and sun such a task would be the simplest of tasks to the alicorn, she knew that it was still required great effort and precision. One simple mistake could send the fields of Equestria ablaze, or plunge the planet into a cold no winter could ever hope to create by itself.
Of course, the thousand years of practice did make it a teeny bit easier.
At the very least, she was able to perform this momentous task while enjoying a morning cup of tea and taking a glance to the doorway where her dear sister currently stood.
“I hope you had a pleasant evening Luna. I take it you’ll be heading to bed now?” Celestia said, giving
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In Somepony's Shadow: Another Sleepless Night
Trixie grumbled to herself a series of phrases that were not meant to be said in public. Of course, she could have yelled it out with a megaphone for all the audience in front of her seemed to care. In fact, she couldn’t even call this…this “crowd” an audience for the complete and utter lack of attention they were giving her. Her eyes scanned the crowd for any sign that somepony, anypony was actually looking at her, but all she was met with was a colorful display of the back of everypony’s head.
She took a deep breath in an attempt to suppress the growing annoyance with the situation at hoof. Sure, everything seemed like it would be perfect for her. The day was absolutely lovely; the sun was bright and shiny, and there didn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky. And when she wandered into this town and saw a giant crowd gathering, well, she couldn’t resist the urge to put on a show. Catching their attention, however, was proving a more difficult chal
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Nightmare of a Friend: Dreamscape
Where am I?
Looking around, Dinky found herself in what looked to be a park of some sort. Everything seemed rather peaceful; ducks were lying about in the lake, birds chirping in the tree, and there were fillies playing in the grass nearby. Glancing around for any signs of her mother or any other adult, Dinky discovered that the three of them were all alone. With no other choice, she decided to approach the two of them; maybe they would know where this place was?
“E-excuse me but…” Dinky said, trying to get the attention of one of them.
The nearest to her was a small, white-coated unicorn filly with a long, luxurious pink-mane. It reminded Dinky a lot of that one mare in Ponyville who took care of all the animals. Fluttershy or something. Unfortunately, Dinky’s attempt to get her attention was for naught. The filly was busy playing with another, slightly smaller unicorn filly. She was dark-colored; not quite black but not what Dinky would consider blue.
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A Nightmare of a Friend: Exploration
“Magnificent, absolutely magnificent….”
Time Turner stood in awe, his mouth hanging slightly, as he walked through the archway. He took a moment to take everything that surrounded him. Intricate patterns carved in cold, gray stone, columns standing tall despite there being no roof left to hold up, still surprisingly intact arched windows. And vines. Lots and lots of vines.
“The Everfree really seems to have done a number on the place though. Wonder why no one ever bothered to try and find it,” he said to himself.
“Because not every pony thinks running off into the most dangerous parts of Equestria is a good idea Turny.”
The introduction of the new voice caused Time Turner to snap back to the reality around him. There were about a dozen other ponies scurrying about. Some were taking photos of all the things that he had just looked at it in awe. Others were mumbling to themselves as they were taking notes. But none of them were a unicorn with a
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The Greatest Show - Finale
Several Years Earlier
“What does he know anyway? He trained me, he knows what Trixie can do. Probably just scared Trixie will be so amazing that they’ll replace all of his shows with her own,” Trixie said as fidgeted with the blue broach that was serving as a clasp for her navy blue cloak.
Even though he had finally agreed to let her do a show, the whole fight still bothered. As far as she was concerned, her reason was probably the correct one. Why else would her mentor be so hesitant to actually let her perform on her own? If her routines were perfect, if she was the best that he had ever seen or taught, then that had to be the only reasonable explanation for his objections. Well, she would show him a thing or two. That list of tricks he gave her? She’d nail every single one, and when he started making up a schedule for her shows, she’d argue for his spot. Only the best times would do for the…
Present Day
“Mares and gentle
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The Greatest Show Part IV: A MWaHG Story
Two stallions were ducked behind some crates, listening as a pair of disguised Changelings walked by, breaths held so as to not make a sound. Once it seemed the coast was clear, the two swung around the corner and made a dash for the storage tent that lay across the way. Hearing no sounds of alarm, they two took a deep sigh of relief as they trotted over to their targets; a large pile of crates simply labeled “Fireworks.”
“I think we should be safe for now. They’ll be preparing for the show so they won’t be coming here till near the end.” O’Hooves said as he started to levitate lids off the crates.
“Excellent, we should be ready by then,” Time Turner said, a slight struggle in his voice as he forced open one of the larger, more secured crates.
“I still think you’re asking way too much of Trixie,” O’Hooves said as he started to levitate the various fireworks around to prepare to set them up later. “She w
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The Greatest Show Part III: A MWaHG Story
“Will there be anything else you require Trixie?”
“No, this is all. Thank you,” Trixie said as she fiddled around with getting her hat on just perfectly. The clown pony nodded. She was amazed that she was able to find another cape and hat set among her mentor’s stuff, although not exactly the same as her old ones. The cape was a royal purple with a gold trim, and so was the hat. This would do for now , but in time she would get an order out and get an exact replica of her old costume soon enough. The more simplistic look, while her mentor’s preference, had never held enough razzle-dazzle for her own attention grabbing needs.
“Very well then, I shall leave you to your preparations,” he said before taking his leave, making her now the sole occupant of O’Hooves former trailer. She shivered a little bit; those clowns just made her feel…off. The less time with them the better. Right now, however, she had a show to get ready for, a
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The Greatest Show Part II: A MWaHG Story
Time Turner stood and watched as the events unfolded in front of him. In his mind it all seemed like a perfectly dandy idea; bring Trixie and her old mentor together for a touching reunion, help her remind her why she got into performing in the first place and all that. If that didn’t lift her spirits and help her realize her potential, why, he couldn’t think of anything else that would do the trick. It took some pushing on his part to convince Trixie (oh she was always so stubborn) to do so. But when Sleight O’Hooves opened the door, surprised and a slight break in his voice that Time Turner thought was a good sign, things seemed to go perfectly to plan. The fact that everything was going so smoothly should have been a warning to him as he stood in the back corner and watched.
“My dear Trixie, it is good to see you again,” Sleight said.
Simple enough of a statement but a good way to start the conversation Time Turner thought, noticing the slight quiver on
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The Greatest Show Part I: A MWaHG Story
Several Years Earlier
"Next up is…Trixie Lulamoon. Trixie, would you please come in?"
From the waiting room Trixie could hear the sounds of a rather bored-sounding mare calling for her from the next room. Normally she would have been a bit more concerned about it, but right now her little-filly heart was pounding with excitement as she leaped off her chair and galloped towards the door. Never in her life did she think she would have actually gotten a chance to take the entrance exam for Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Smile beaming, she stood in the center of the room, staring up at the older ponies assembled to judge her. Over by the side of the room she could see her parents watching her, smiling and waving at her in encouragement.
Not that she felt like she needed it of course. After all, she was Trixie; a silly little exam wasn't going to stop her from proving she was the most magical unicorn that ever lived…or at least that she was going to become
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As you might have seen, I have submitted a new fanfiction. Long time yes, but decided to scrap the Time Turner Adventures series and start fresh with a new idea inspired by an event on my RP site. Also inspired by lack of TrixiexLuna fanfictions, which must be corrected. So, enjoy ^_^.

Oh, and general fic description (will be on Fimfiction soon enough):

It's been several months since the Alicorn Amulet incident, and so much has changed for the Great and Powerful Trixie. Her reputation damaged once again, she continues on with her magic act, determined to try and turn over a new leaf. But with Twilight Sparkle, The Great and Powerful Trixie's rival in magic, now a new alicorn princess, Trixie finds old emotions of jealousy and envy creeping up. Nightmares and sleepless nights ensue, drawing forth the attention of Princess Luna. Understanding of the showmare's feelings, and reminding her of her own past, the Princess decides to intervene. What follows may change both of their lives forever.


United States
I don't have anything particularly special about me. I primarily joined deviantART in order to favorite images and stories and what not, but as time went on I decided to give a hand to fanfiction. That...kind of failed after awhile. After recent events, however, I feel like trying again. I draw a lot of inspiration from other fanfics as well as my roleplaying sites.

Outside of that, I'm a college student studying political science with psychology and math minors. I tend to enjoy anime, with some non-anime shows also hitting my favorite show list (Doctor Who and MLP: FiM in particular) as well. I don't read a lot of fiction; much of what I read tends to be biographies, history books, political theory, etc. I've probably read more fiction in my English classes than outside...outside of fanfiction of course. Working on reading more though.

Anyway, here's to a future in fanfiction ^_^.



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